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The School Day


The times of the school day are as follows:

8.50am Gates open
9.00am Registration
10.30 – 10.45am Morning Break
12.15 – 1.15pm Lunchtime (KS2)
12.10 – 1.15pm Lunchtime (KS1)
01.15 – 3.30pm Afternoon session
3.30pm School ends


The school expects good attendance and this is defined as 95% or above. If your child is ill and not well enough to come to school, parents are asked to inform us by telephone before the start of the school day. A coding

system is used in the registers and any unexplained absence is noted and followed up. If a child’s attendance falls below 90% an initial letter is sent. If the child’s attendance does not improve, the parents/carers of that child will be invited into school to discuss the matter . If absence continues to be a concern, the intervention becomes more severe and can result in legal prosecution. The Early Years of a child’s attendance is a critical time to establish good school attendance. Our school awards prizes for attendance of over 97% on a termly basis.Pupils who have 100% attendance for the full academic year will receive an attendance prize and certificate at the last Celebration Assembly of the year.


The Department for Education asks that parents are informed that absence for family holidays can be approved only if there are special reasons which warrant the holiday and that parents do not have an automatic entitlement to take their child out of school for a holiday. Only in very exceptional circumstances, a maximum allowance of ten school days in a school year may be authorised.

From September 2008 holidays in term time will be granted only if they fulfil the criteria of “exceptional circumstances” (the fact that holidays are cheaper in term time does not qualify as an “exceptional circumstance”.)

To ensure that this is applied fairly, parents are politely asked NOT to book holidays and then fill the form in for approval. If there are exceptional circumstances then parents are asked to make an appointment with the Headteacher before a holiday is booked, in order for authorisation to be considered.


We are proud to have achieved Healthy Schools Status, a national accreditation awarded to schools striving to highlight the importance of children’s overall health and well being. The scheme aims to work alongside the PSHE curriculum ensuring that all pupils are healthy,happy and at ease in all areas of their lives.

Specific issues such as physical exercise, safety, bullying, healthy eating, relationships, drug use as well as an awareness of pupils’ social and emotional well-being are appropriately included within the school life.

While they are 4, Children in Foundation Stage receive milk free of charge. Water is available to all children at all times through the use of water bottles, which can bring in from home and return each morning.


As a general rule teachers do not administer medicine. However if your child is well enough to return to school and is finishing a course of prescribed medication parents may come into school to administer medicine.

The Headteacher, acting “in loco parentis” will use her discretion about administering medicine. In these exceptional circumstances, and by prior agreement with parents and instructions for its administration, medicine may be brought into school by parents and will be kept in the school office or the staff room refrigerator. Any medicine kept in this way must have the name of the child, the dosage and the name of the medication clearly written on the container. Parents must complete a medication permission form before medication can be given in school.

If your child is asthmatic then you will need to ensure that the school is made aware. Your child will need a spare inhaler for emergency use, which is clearly named with his/her name.