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School Council

This year School Council is changing! In a pupil questionnaire only 68% of the pupils said that they felt that they had a say in how things were run-so we wanted to ensure that this became 100% this year! You can see the results of this questionnaire on the attachment below.

School council is an important way of making sure that the pupils have a voice in the school and their opinions are not only valued, but acted upon! There will be two different councils held every fortnight, Class Council and then School Council. Both are run by the pupils-class council needs a Chairperson, Minute taker and a Spokesperson, who take the class ideas and comments to the School Council.  

Membership and Elections for School Council

Any pupil in Endeavour Class can put themselves forward to be elected democratically for each role. Each candidate will be given time to think of a speech to present the school, which will explain why they think they would be the best person to carry out the role. Then the classes vote for the person who they feel would get the job done the best by writing down the name of the person they decide on for each role.

School Council Code of Conduct

•To be on time to every school council meeting
•To let the Chair know if I am unable to make a meeting
•Respect and listen to each other
•Put your hand up if you want to speak
•Make decisions after we have listened to each other and the school
•Always have the interest of the whole school at heart when making decisions
•Give all children a voice
•Have a positive 'can do' attitude


Vice Chairperson: 

Minute Taker: 



Public Liason Officer: