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Reading is a fundamental aspect of life. The role parents or carers play in developing early reading skills is crucial and we aim to support our families to ensure all children are enthusiastic, competent readers by the age of 11.

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Below is some helpful information you may find useful when listening to your child read on a regular basis:

Children’s Reading Record: Children are issued with a reading record which should be sent into school each day in their book bag, with their reading books.  Please look at these regularly in case your child’s teacher has written you a message.  Please feel free to use the Reading Record as a means of communicating non-urgent messages to the teacher.  If you do send in a message please make sure your child brings it to the teacher’s attention.

Hearing Your Child Read at Home

Learning to read is one of the most essential skills we learn and it impacts on all subject areas. This is an area where parental support can make a huge difference to your child’s progress and confidence.  Your child will bring home reading books each week.  Please try to spend some time each day hearing them read and discussing their books. We would like ALL children to read at least 4 times a week.  Please record when you have heard your child read, the page they have got to and any comments in your child’s reading record.  This helps your child’s teacher to monitor their reading habits at home and is a great form of home/school communication. Thsi doesn't just have to be when they read books from school, it can also be when they read their own books, comics, all helps! Reading should be fun and relaxing, help your child to read, ask them questions about the text, check their understanding, help them to correct words when they are stuck. Above all praise is key!

We are introducing a new reward scheme for reading this year, it is very exciting and we would like all children to do as well as possible-so they will need your help! Every time that they read, when you record this in their reading record, this will count as one reading session. Depending on the difficulty level of the book, it can be a whole book, a few pages or a chapter. When  children have reached different amount of books they will gain the following acreditations:

Image result for beatrix potter       Potter's Perfect 50!

Image result for dr seuss      Seuss's Stupendous 100!

Image result for roald dahl      Dahl's Dazzling 200!

Image result for david walliams     Walliam's Wonderous 300!

They will get recognition in assembly and the knowledge that they are becoming successful readers!

Here is a link to the colour level your child should be reading: