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On November 22nd 2016, we had an Ofsted inspection. the full report can be read below. Ofsted agreed with our school self-evaluation that we are indeed a 'GOOD' school.

I am immensely proud of my school, of pupils, staff, governors, parents/carers and the community, that have worked so hard to make the school the ‘good’ school that Ofsted report and recognises it is. Without everyone being on board with the vision and working so tirelessly to ensure the best outcomes for all of our pupils, this would not have been possible.

As a Headteacher, new to the school last year, I could see that Normanby-by-Spital Primary school was extremely special and had a staff who were ready to take their enthusiasm and commitment to provide the best education for young people, in a new, exciting and progressive direction. I am delighted that this was recognised by Ofsted.

There is, ‘a positive ethos for both pupils and staff. The staff are highly committed and work well together as a team. They are passionate about improving their own practice and raising standards.’

Ofsted identified a ‘high staff morale’. They have embraced a new pedagogy, delivering the curriculum in a highly stimulating way; immersing environments; using cross curricular learning to have relevant, purposeful real-world outcomes and develop pupils to make a real difference in the world. This has resulted in Ofsted reporting that,

‘Teachers and adults have created a positive and purposeful environment where the children are thriving.’

This has resulted in the outcomes of all pupils being in-line or above the national average; something that was recognised  in the report. I am delighted that our pupils are embracing our school values of respect, kindness, empowerment, determination and success. These are enabling them to meet their potential, to always strive to do their best, to own their own learning journey and know what they need to do to improve. We have developed a culture of high expectation-one that I am very proud of. This is reflected in the report, that states, ‘the progress made by pupils is accelerating. ‘

We are a small school, but we have BIG ideas, we embrace our community and are honored to be part of something that may be small by scale, but is immense by nature. We want to continue our journey, to develop and embed our existing successes and create something bigger than our size allows-we want everyone to know how ‘good’ our school is-for it to be place where pupils want to come and where professionals want to develop themselves and be inspired-to continue to build on our existing collaborations and links, enhancing our school even more.

This is only the beginning of our exciting journey! Take a read for our report for yourself...

Click on the link to view our most recent ofsted inspection