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  • Happy Tooth, Sad Tooth

    Published 02/02/18, by Alice Baker

    We have been talking about healthy eating this week and what foods are good or bad for our teeth. The children decided which foods would make our teeth happy or sad and sorted them. The children loved playing musical shapes! They danced to the song and when the music stopped they had to find the correct shape. Some great moves Busy Bees!

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  • Flower Pot Game

    Published 24/01/18, by Alice Baker

    We have had a busy few weeks back after the New Year, focusing on number this term so far and have joined in with lots of different activities to help us recognise our numbers. We have played the Flower Pot game where we had to count the leaves and see who had the most and we also enjoyed matching up the numbered pieces of melon to the correct number of seeds. This week we thouroughly enjoyed dialing a telephone number using our excellent number recognition skills to call Mr Tumble! Great work Busy Bees!

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  • Welcome back!

    Published 08/01/18, by Alice Baker

    Welcome back to you all after the Christmas holidays. I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year!

    We will up date you again soon to show you all the exciting things we have been getting up to. 

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  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears

    Published 23/11/17, by Alice Baker

    This week we have enjoyed watching a silent story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears where we told the story ourselves in our own words. We then used a series of pictures to order and sequence the story correctly, recalling what happens throughout. The children also enjoyed exploring the Goldilocks tuff spot ordering the bears by size. We have also drawn snowmen in the flour tuff spot using brushes to create our pictures. "It looks like snow!" Liam said. We have always discussed what foods are healthy and what foods we should just have as a treat. The children sorted the food into the two lunch boxes, a healthy lunch box and an unhealthy lunch box.

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  • Firework tuff spot!

    Published 09/11/17, by Alice Baker

    This week we have created lots of firework art, from using chalk and glitter on black paper to stamping straws in paint. We thouroughly enjoyed washing the chalk numbers off the playground using water and paint brushes. We showed our excellent sorting and counting skills when we pretended to go to the shop to buy some sweets.

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  • Pumpkin Geoboard

    Published 03/11/17, by Alice Baker

    This week we have had lots of halloween fun! We collected sticks from around school and made a giant stick skeleton in the playground. We have also been practising our shape recognition by creating our own shape witch. Using our fine motor skills we wrapped elastic bands around the pegs in the pumkin to make different shapes. 

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  • Skittles experiment

    Published 12/10/17, by Alice Baker

    The Busy Bees have been exploring what happens when you add warm water to skittle sweets! We found out that the water changed to different colours becuase the food colouring had seeped from the sweets.. We have also been enjoying messy crafts in the tuff spot, making aeroplanes to fly through the sky. This week we have read a story about people who help us - doctor, and enjoyed joining in with the doctors and nurses role play.

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  • Peppa Pig Collage

    Published 28/09/17, by Alice Baker

    This week in the Busy Bees we have been exploring shapes and completed a giant shape match! We have used coloured stickers and stuck them onto the matching piece of coloured card. We have enjoyed the sunshine in the playground, having lots of fun playing on the bikes and trikes. We have also been creative and made a Peppa Pig collage. The children used their fine motor skills to scrunch tissue paper into little balls then stick them onto our picture, we added a little sparkle with glitter too.

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  • Cupcake flowers

    Published 21/09/17, by Alice Baker
    This week we have had lots of fun building an obstacle course in our outdoor area and used our magnificent balancing skills to manoeuvre along the course. We have also been creative and made our own cupcake flowers using bun cases, glitter, stra
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