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Food and Farming Exhibition

We invited parents and carers to join us for a healthy food cooking activity.

On wednesday we had our exhibition and we had to choose from our outstanding food. There was coleslaw,veggy smoothie and fruit Kebabs.Then some parents came to help us make these things.Then the parents and kids tried the vegetable smoothie, and coleslaw with crackers and fruit kebabs.

Method for the fruit kebabs

These are the ingredients,pineapple,orange,kiwi,grapes,strawberries.

First peel all the orange.

Second take the orange pieces and put them in a bowl.

Third cut the kiwi into quarters then place it in a separate bowl.

Fourth cut all the grapes in half then again put them in a separate bowl.

Fith pick the stalks out of the strawberries then halve them then put them in a different bowl.

Sixth cut the pineapple into small pieces, put all the bad left overs in the bin.

Seventh put them on a skewer.

Method for coleslaw

First put the mayonnaise in a bowl.

Second grate the cabbage like cheddar cheese.

Third grate the carrots.

Fourth cut the onions into little pieces.

Fith mix it all about in the bowl.

Sixth  eat it with crackers.

We all had a good time and enjoyed tasting the healthy food.

By Harry and Charlie