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Pink Pig Farm

Our Trip to the farm.

When we arrived at Pink Pig Farm we were all much exited. We walked into a very large room and popped our bags and drinks on the table. We got told to sit down in a circle by the women, who was helping us, whose name was Lynda. She showed us a bowl of seeds, she said they were called wheat. She said that they were in most popular cereal we eat. She also showed us some barley and oil seed Rape seed. We made some bread and we got to make any design we wanted. We saw over 700 pigs on our way to the wheat field. We squished some wheat seeds and found the white flour inside. We had a tractor ride. It was bumpy because we ran over lots of rocks. We saw alpacas with white fluffy coats. They were called Alfie and Amy. I had an amazing trip.

                         By Alea