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Budding authors!


Over the last few weeks we have been learning about Florence Nightingale. The children interviewed Florence (also known as Mrs Rostron) and then wrote a biographical story of her life. The children produced some wonderful work and here are a few of their stories.


This was written by Matilda Gregory in Reception. 

I was born in Italy it was a beautiful place. The rivers sparkle. When I was 17 I trained to be a nurse in London. I decided to go to Scutari.  In Scutari hospital it was dirty. There was rats everywhere. There was blood everywhere. Some soldiers didnt have beds. I went back to London. I got a medal.

This was written by Hollie Gibson in Year One.

I was born in Florence in 1820. I opened a training hospital. I wanted to be a nurse and mum and dad dint let me be a nurse. I annoyed my family and went on a train and I went to Scutari and I saved the soldiers. It was horrible. There was rats and sick and blood and germs all over the floor. One day it changed, I got money and I cleaned the hospital. I went home and I got a letter from Queen Victoria. She got me a shiny medal.

This was written by Polly Dickinson in Year One.

I was born in Florence in Italy where the water glimmered in 1820. I went to London, it was magnificent. I really wanted to be a nurse. My mum and dad sent me on a trip with friends so I would forget about my ideas of being a nurse.  My mum and dad didn't me to be a nurse because they felt I would get poorly. But I opened up a hospital on the trip so I put a bell by every patients bed so they could ring it when they needed help. When I found out that in Scutari there was a war called the Crimean War I went to help the people who were hurt. When I got there and I went in the hospitals I was horrified. There was dirt on the floor and bugs and lots of sick. There was also lots of brown muddy rats who were chewing on the patients sleeping bags. I went to clean the hospital up so the patients had beds and clean clothes. Then I bought clean bandages and helped tidy up the patients wounds. I also found out that there was a case of Cholera spreading. So I found out that it was spreading because of the dirty water they were drinking. So I got clean water for them. Then I had to stay in bed for a very long time. I opened up a medical school and I got to have the Red Cross from the amazing Queen Victoria.

All the children produced amazing work and they have continued to play in our role play area - pretending to be Florence.