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Helping People In Our Community

The NOMAD Trust

As we near the end of our Autumn Term, we were visited today by a lady called Rachel.  She works for the NOMAD Trust, collecting food and serving meals to people who are less fortunate than ourselves.  Rachel told us that they helped many people in the community, who are homeless, to find homes and have enough food to survive.  She said that the trust helps to provide meals for people who are on the streets and this christmas she will serve christmas dinner to over 300 people.  Rachel took away our food hamper and was delighted to see how many things were collected.  It was so nice to see so many festive luxuries in the hamper, such as: stuffing, christmas pudding, chocolate and biscuits.  It has been such a positive and rewarding project and i would just like to say a MASSIVE thankyou to all of the parents and carers who helped us to be able to contribute to such an excellent cause. 

We hope you have a lovely, safe, family Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all again in 2017 where we will begin to investigate 'Does Everything Change Over Time?'